A Special Thank you to the 200 + Friends & Fans that gathered for a Special Evening of Music with MELVIN SEALS & THE JGB * THE YOUNGERS * DAKINI & US. We know that if you were at the show, you had a great time, and for those of you that missed it, we hope that you will enjoy the Photo Memories from the Show!




TUESDAY * MAY 20, 2003 * 8 PM


1350 N. 12th St & Pike * Reading, PA

Phone: (610) 372 * 9311
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MELVIN SEALS: Hammond B-3/Keyboards/Vocals
JIMMY SALUZZI: Guitar/Vocals
RON PENQUE: Bass/Vocals

MELVIN SEALS & THE JGB will be coming to Reading for a One Night Only Appearance!!! Be sure not to miss this great night of music. MELVIN SEALS' NEW JGB RESOUNDS WITH AN AUTHENTIC VIBE THAT TAKES TRIBUTE TO A NEW DIMENSION.
Melvin Seals, whose musical roots seep deep into gospel soil, has always been seeking that point where music merges with spirit, what he calls "church vibe." He found it with Jerry Garcia over two decades ago, and he is finding it again in the new JGB.
Melvin Seals has had a powerful presence in the music industry for over 30 years, playing with the likes of Chuck Berry, Charlie Daniels and Elvin Bishop. The powerful keyboardist was playing with Bishop one memorable night back in 1980.
"This big guy, he was just playing a Fender Rhodes. But he was playing it so tasty…He was just playing the tastiest little stuff, I thought, This guy is just too much! I asked him what his names was. He said Melvin Seals." Jerry Garcia, on meeting Melvin Seals.
It was early 1980 and the Jerry Garcia Band was looking for a new keyboardist. "Melvin started playing with us, and he was just a monster. He turned out to be the guy that we were looking for all along." Jerry Garcia "I had no idea what was going on," Melvin recalls of his early days with the Jerry Garcia Band. "I was fresh out of the church and suddenly I was in a strange place where all the locals had skeletons with flowers in their hair. I didn't talk much, I was shy, playing the organ and getting out of there as soon as I could."
Melvin's fears that he had stumbled into some kind of satanic cult were laid to rest when he talked with Jerry about the skeletons. "I realized that it was just what it was. It made me feel a whole lot better. Jerry knew the Bible inside out. He respected my values. I saw that these were peaceful people."
Jerry's music spoke to Melvin in a language all its own. "There was church vibe all over the music, a sacredness vibe, it was like what's known in church as a spiritual experience. Musically, I felt compatible. The way I played the organ was exactly what Jerry wanted."
Fifteen years later Jerry was gone and it was another seven years before Melvin heard the Jerry sound again. It was last summer at a concert in the Rockies when Melvin played for the first time with a New Jersey-based Grateful Dead tribute band called Ripple and felt compelled to start a new JGB band.
"There are a lot of cover bands but these guys are different," Melvin observes. Ron Penque has a voice just like Jerry - you close your eyes and it's Jerry. Jimmy Saluzzi plays guitar identical to Jerry, right down to the mistakes, right chords, right timing, it's the church vibe."
"It only took 24 years to do this," says Jimmy Saluzzi the new JGB's lead guitar and vocals. "I understand how Jerry thinks. Every Jerry band, they play the same rock scale, they don't play that intricate walkdown, updown, triplets. You don't stay in one scale, you got to work it, start off low at the bottom of the scale, bring it up the middle of the neck, then at the last fret, you can't overplay your notes, you've got to tease it. If you jumped into a high note, where are you going to go? You have to know how to stretch a screen in between frets, out of tune, bring it in tune. I love it!"
Relentlessly reaching for the totality of the Jerry sound, Jimmy is now working at a feverish level of intensity to get the finger picking down to perfection on his handcrafted T.W. Doyle guitar. When Jimmy Saluzzi speaks of getting Jerry Garcia absolutely right, from sweeping concept to tiniest nuance, a throb in his voice echoes the "sacredness vibe" that first connected Melvin Seals to Jerry Garcia.
"We first saw the Jerry Garcia Band in '78 at the Capital Theater," recalls Ron Penque bassist/vocalist whose voice brings Jerry back for Melvin. Ron and Jimmy grew up together in Northern New Jersey with Jerry Garcia's music the defining motif of their adolescence. "We've been doing it for twenty-five years and at some point it became more of a style that we were taught by the masters - it became a part of us."
Another Bergen County kid whose musical life shaped itself to the Jerry sound was the versatile Johnny Markowski, a songwriter like his father Thomas Jefferson Kaye.
"I had my first band in the fourth grade; it was called Four Wheel Drive. I was the drummer," recalls Johnny, a dynamo who's been putting bands together ever since.
Johnny became known with Stir Fried, a jam band he co-formed, for which he wrote all the songs, and sang lead. He joined Ripple several months ago and with characteristic verve worked on getting the guys a chance to play with Melvin Seals and the cycle came full circle. Just as Jerry found in Melvin the keyboardist he had been seeking, Melvin has found in Ripple the Jerry he had lost. Johnny expresses what they're all feeling: "Jerry Garcia Band was my absolute favorite band in the world and I'm honored to be able to carry on the torch and play homage to the heart and feel and tones. I'm honored to be playing with Melvin Seals who blew me away at every concert I went to. We're all honored to be KEEPERS OF THE FLAME."

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Imagine, if you will, two cars careening through the night on separate country roads...headed for an inevitable head-on collision at a deserted intersection. One car carries Hank Williams and his Drifting Cowboys, the other Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

The band that would rise from this wreckage would be The Youngers.

Formed in the alt-country breeding ground of Berks County, Pennsylvania, The Youngers create a sound that manages to embrace tradition while sounding fresh at the same time. They are equal parts bluegrass and electric guitar. In a moment, a lilting acoustic melody will fall away into a vibrato-laden Les Paul guitar riff. A mandolin segues into a screaming lap steel solo...and somehow, it all makes sense in a manner unique to this musical family.

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We are Dakini,A three piece original jam band from Valley View,Pa.Our main objective is to recreate the lost vibe of the Grateful Dead,so hop aboard,and we hope that you enjoy the ride!
Now for a little info about the band. We are a fully functioning traveling band with a traveling family of friends.(we prefer friends over fans)Our main goal in this short life that we live is to create extended improv jams that go from primative,funky,jazzy,and all out chaotic,and to use the crowd as a blanket of energy to push and inspire us to the limit.


"THE BRASS LANTERN, 12& Pike St., Reading, PA" Phone: (610) 372 * 9311
"THE PAISLEY MOON, Penn Ave., West Reading, PA" Phone: (610) 371 * 9998
"D.J. CONCERT PRODUCTIONS, 240 Pennwyn Place, Shillington, PA" Phone: (610) 777 * 8224


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MELVIN SEALS (JGB) & TERRY SR. (D.J. Concert Productions)


THE YOUNGERS working the crowd.

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Terry Sr. Getting the chance to Jam with JGB's RON PENQUE.

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